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Thursday, November 26, 2015

"This Copy of window is not genuine."

Simply follow the steps listed below and you are done .
Step 1. Click on Start menu.
Step 2. Type cmd in search field.
Step 3. Right click on cmd file and click on Run as Administrator. It is must to run command promt with administrator privileges.
Step 4. Type SLMGR - REARM (SLMGR is windows software licensing management tool. REARM command will reset the licensing status of machine) and press enter.
Step 5. Now you will see a confirmation window, click on OK.
Step 6. Restart your PC.
Now you will never receive error message. If you see same error message, then try SLMGR/REARM instead SLMGR-REARM command SLMGR-REARM works for windows 32 bit version. It even work for windows 64 bit version. Some times this command will not work for windows 64 bit version. Then only try SLMGR|REARM instead SLMGR-REARM

Yet there is some steps to follow, which are as;
Step 1. Open control panel.
Step 2. Go to windows update.
Step 3. Click on "Install updates automatically (Recommended)".
Step 4. Select "never check for updates (Not recommended)"

Also, to uninstall the update;
Step 1. Open control panel.
Step 2. Go to windows update section.
Step 3. Click on view installed updates.
Step 4. After loading all installed updates, check for update "KB971033" and uninstall.
Step 5. Restart your PC.

Now after completing all these steps, you are done.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Why eSewa ?

eSewa offers a easy and reliable way for payment of bills through Internet. The main thing is, it saves Time which is getting scarce day by day. Imagine you can pay your phone bills and also recharge in no time on move, wouldn’t it be fun. The headache getting a recharge card, or using half day on the line to counter is fading out. Its time to switch things to click and OK.
You need to have Internet Banking or Card details registered. Now All you have to do is use internet. eSewa also has a Android app, Apple Ios , Java etc that can be used anywhere.
First you need to make a account. Go this link
To do many things you can just remember some SMS procedure and have things done for you. You don’t need internet for it. So when you are away from web also you are not away.
And choose your choice.
Even you have Western Union here, link :
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Monday, July 20, 2015


The poem describes what happens to powerful people and animals after they die. It seeks to show that time reduces all great things of history into something insignificant. In other words, the poet shows how greatness continues only for a short time by representing several instances in the poem. The tusks of mastodons that clashed in the war have now become the playthings. The sword of Charlemagne the Just which devasted several emperors has now used. People who used to fear with the hug of grizzly bear now sit comfortably on its fun. Similarly, the powerful general Great Caesar is confined to the shelf.
=> He, the writer knows that writing poems stands for nothing but he is not stopping it which is ironical about the poem.


This play takes place in hindu kingdom. Malini , the daughter of a king has been caught by Buddhist monks. She wears simple dress and abandons ornaments. Her parents, especially her mother, suggest that she should not follow monks because they practice black arts and fill people’s mind with lies. However, Malini does not believe them. A group of Brahmins come to the front of the palace  and demand her banishment. They find Hinduism, their traditional religion, endangered by Buddhism. Supriya objects to what Brahmins are demanding. He thinks that they are trying to determine truth with their number and shrill cry. Kemankar convinces him to be silent. Whenever the third Brahmin informs them that the army is supporting them, they are afraid that in the support there is the smell of rebellion. Then, they make penance and call on the Goddess. Meanwhile, Malini appears there because she has just left the palace. All Brahmins regard her as Goddess and bow their head. Though, they realize that she is Malini they are overcome by her love of the world. They request her to help them. The princess also becomes ready to serve them. They follow her and bring her back to the palace.
Kemankar is dissatisfied with Brahmins’ treatment to Malini. He leaves the kingdom to find soldiers of the other country to fight against the king and the followers of the new creed. He leaves his friend Supriya, behind to watch and  keep him informed. Kemankar warns him to be away from the girl. But Supriya feels attracted to Malini because he believes that she represents love and truth. Then he betrays Kemankar by handing over his letter to the king in which Kemankar has about the scheme of rebellion. Kemankar is arrested and the king offers Supriya the chance to ask anything he want even Malini. Supriya says that all he wants from the King is the life of Kemankar.
Kemankar arrives in chains. He is proud of what he has done. He asks to speak to Supriya. They argue. They then agree to die together because that is the only way to find who is right. Kemankar kills Supriya with his chains in his hands. The King asks for his swords to kill Kemankar but Malini says “Father, forgive Kemankar.”


Abstract- hate, anger, love
Poem- basically to read
Picture- basically to watch
Concrete poem- watch + read; letters get used as brush- stokes to create a visible images on the page
-an experiment poem
This is a poem of a cat. The poem draws a picture of the cat on the paper. The picture is drawn with words and letters, but not with sentences. The word CAT does not appear, but these words are the body of a cat, for example eye, mouth, paw and whisker. Other words are added to put the cat in a place, for example dish and litter box. These tell us the cat is a pet and not a wild cat. The poem ‘Concrete Cat’ is an example of concrete poem. It is a poem made for the eyes. The major focus of the poem is with the physical appearance of poetry not with ideas and emotions. Concrete poems are different from other poems they use words to create an image on the page.


The poem Keeping Things Whole written by Mark Strand manages to say much by using few words. He knows that modern life is fragmented and we have many roles and responsibilities. We are always rushing from one place to another to make things complete. The poet says that all our movements are meaningful. He finds meaning in his movement to make things whole. We cannot be absolutely present in a place by not being absent in others. But still, we keep on moving and make things complete for sometimes.
This poem pleads for wholeness against the usual fragmentation that goes in life. The poet wants to keep things whole. He does not want anything to be broken. He does not find himself in the field. He finds that he is missing there. He thinks he divides the air when he walks. That is, he thinks when he is in a field; he breaks the field because he takes up space in it. The only way to make sure is that the field remains unbroken and whole is to keep moving.